Darkness And Light Inside Us

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Darkness And Light Inside Us


Mind draw. Painting. Acrylic on canvas. 40 x 40 cm.

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This picture is created from randomly drawn lines with closed eyes. Depending on the mood that day, a unique emotional picture is created.
My vision of the picture is this: on the yellow waves of life is a big heart that reflects the human soul that was created and consists of great and pure love. Darkness is represented in the form of a devil’s horn. The light represents the wing of an angel. These are two forces that penetrate our souls throughout our lives and change us inside depending on how we allow them to do so. Points are what we receive in life from parental and school upbringing, learning, communication, and interaction with everyone who meets us throughout our lives. Therefore, the glasses through which we see the world are the amount of access that we give to the dark and light forces to control and influence our lives.
Each is a moon and has a dark side that it never shows to anyone. – Mark Twain
I wish everyone not to be exposed to darkness and to keep pure love and light in your hearts throughout your life.

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