About Me

About Me

There is NO MUST in ART, only consistency, hard work, and an artist’s vision.

I have been residing in Ireland for over 20 years. I am a Ukrainian-Irish artist who has been involved in art as a hobby all my life. In 2020, I made the decision to channel all of my energy towards art.
The creations of renowned Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk, Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick, American artist Jackson Pollock, and Dutch artist Van Gogh have immensely impacted my craft. Since beginning my art studies, my passion for painting has grown. I am eager to experiment with various painting styles and to develop new techniques for both acrylic and oil mediums.
In addition to painting, I enjoy drawing, sculpting, and wood carving.

Mykola Babiy artist painting art portfolio Ireland Dublin

About Me

Name: Mykola Babiy


Castleknock, Dublin, IRELAND

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