About Me

About Me

New Irish artist uses a very unique technique of painting and metal sculpture.

My name is Mykola Babiy. I am a new Irish artist and I work in the style of “plyontanism” or close to it – “paint weaver” or “paint lace”. My countryman from the Ternopil region Ivan Marchuk, well known as the creator of the artistic technique “plyontanism”, which is characterized by a high level of detail of the strokes, which seem to intertwine.

I was born in Ukraine and have lived in Dublin, Ireland for over 20 years. I like painting, drawings, metal sculpting, especially minting and reflection, wood carving, and making handmade carved frames. You can find all my new work and follow what I am currently creating on my Facebook page.

Mykola Babiy artist painting art portfolio Ireland Dublin

About Me

Name: Mykola Babiy

Age: 48


Castleknock, Dublin, IRELAND

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